First Birthday Cake - Part Two



Now for the top of the one, you're gonna wanna decorate that a little bit. So what I've done is I've colored a little piece of fondant pink here and I've rolled it to about a thirty-inch rope and that's gonna go around the border on the top of my one cake. And what I'm gonna do is just flatten that a little bit, just with my fingers, and then we're gonna just shape this around the whole top of that number one. Now, to attach it to the fondant here, I'm gonna use a little bit of water and that will just help the fondant border to actually stick to the fondant that's on top of your cake. And we've got a paint brush here that I'm going to use to just dip in a little bit of water and make a border. I'll start at the bottom, go partway around, get more water and move on up the cake. This fondant actually folds and bends really easily to go around your cake. Literally, anybody can make this. This cake is totally doable. And then we have a nice little border. Now, here's where we're gonna use those scraps that I talked about before. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make some kind of tie dyed looking fondant by just getting my hands in there and kneading it all together. It's kinda like a marbled effect. So I'm gonna take my rolling pin and roll this out just like I did for the base cakes and the number one cake. And what I've already done is cut out some little round circles. And all I'm gonna do is just pain the back of these with some water, and stick them on to my cake. What I'm going to do is just kind of slide my arm all the way under the cake and get it placed on to the base where I want it and just start peeling back this parchment paper. And the cake's pretty sturdy so you don't have to worry too much about it. Just make sure you get it close enough to the base edge. And then as you set the cake down, just peel that parchment paper back. So we're coming together but there's a few final touches that I wanna show you. What I've got here is a piping back of just white frosting and a small round tip that I'm going to use. And what I'm gonna do is make small dots all the way around the top part of the cake and the bottom part of the cake. And that's how we're going to fill in any of those little, you know, places where the fondant maybe didn't go all the way down to the base and any imperfections that you might see. And it really just dresses up that cake and makes it look like it came from a bakery. Doesn't that look professional? And this is totally doable. This cake is such a snap, but you don't have to let anyone else know how easy it was.

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