First Birthday Cake - Part One



-Your child's first birthday will be one to remember with this professional-looking cake that you can make at home. So what I've got here, to start with, are two 13 by 9-inch baked cakes. And what I've done is I've just simply sliced each cake in half horizontally and filled it with white frosting. The next thing you need to do is make a big number 1 template, and what I've based mine on is this little one-shaped candles that you often find in a craft store or even your grocery store, and you can put that on a copy machine and blow it up, and then I like to laminate it. Fit that on to one of your 9 by 13 cakes and slice around the template. The next thing I'm going to do is actually make a little layer of frosting on both cakes, and that's called a crumb coat if you wanna get technical and professional about it, but all it is is a really thin layer of frosting on my cake. So, in this cake, we're using fondant to cover the cake, and putting this little crumb coat on is really gonna help the fondant stick to the cake. Now, for the frosting, what I'm using is called fondant. Fondant is just a candy-like substance that you can buy at your local craft store or you could even order it online. So, for the base, my big cake here, I've needed in some lavender-colored food coloring. Now, to roll this fondant out, you wanna use some cornstarch on your surface, and this just helps keep it from sticking. And I'm using cornstarch rather than flour just because you don't wanna incorporate any flour into your substance. And I actually like to kind of form it into a rectangle first because that's the shape that I'm actually going to roll it out to. It just helps keep those corners a little bit better than if it starts as a ball. And for this piece, you wanna make sure that you roll it out so that it's going to fit over that 9 by 13 cake. So you need a couple inches extra on each side. Okay. I've got my fondant all rolled out. I kind of like to just get under it with my hands and my arms and just kind of lay it on to the cake. Okay, look at how smooth that is. That is just so cool. And then just gently work with it to kind of form it down around your cake. It's almost like you're making a birthday package, and this is why that crumb coat is so handy because you can actually just feel it pressing into the cake a little bit. And if you've already got it on your platter, that's really helpful too just so that you get it all nice and smooth. And then you can take a really sharp small knife or scissors, whichever you feel most comfortable with. I think the knife works actually pretty well to get right into that crevice, but you just wanna trim off that extra fondant. And then on the corners, you just kind of wanna fold it and plait it around. And we are going to use the extra fondant later, so you wanna make sure that you actually keep your scraps. Okay, I've just finished trimming and covering this cake, and I'm ready to do the number 1. So we'll get this out of the way. I've already rolled out some pink fondant. And again, I'm just using some a little bit of pink food coloring to color that fondant the right color. Now, this fondant doesn't have to be quite as large as the purple one for the base, but you still do need to make sure you have a couple inches on each side all the way around your template. So I'm just gonna go ahead and cut around it, outlining that number 1. And the great thing about fondant is that it is very forgiving, so you don't have to have it perfect, and it's really easy to actually, you know, cover up any little mistakes. And there again, I'm gonna re-use this later, so we're gonna keep that around. And again, we'll just pick this up and lay it on top of our cake.

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