Dollhouse Cake - Part Two

Welcome your guests "home" with this pretty-in-pink dollhouse. From the delicious door to the sweet shingles, have a blast creating your one-of-a-kind design!


So first I'm gonna make some dormers for our house. I've got these little pink wafer cookies and I'm going to take three of them and cut each one in half, crosswise. Then take each of your halves and cut it in half diagonally lengthwise, and then what you do to finish off your dormers is you're just going to set three of them together so that they're at the same angle. And I'll just set those there so you can see it. That kind of forms our dormer. I'll do the front of the house with two dormers and you can put some more on the back if you want. Then what you need to do is take a regular size pink wafer cookie and carefully split it in half horizontally so that you've got two really thin halves, and then you take each one of those halves and cut it in half crosswise and that's actually going to make the rough of our [unk], so that will go on with that. Then I'm gonna need two wafer cookies for the front door of the house, so that's gonna go on. And what I'm gonna do is actually take a third cookie and set it right on top of my door and just cut it to fit the top of the door. So, now I'm gonna put this on to the cake. So, the dormers go on to the rough, just like that, I'm gonna stick them, and you just have to press them into the frosting. They'll stick together just fine once they're on the frosting, and then we'll do the other side, just press them in. The great thing about using pan frosting if you go that route is that it doesn't set up, you know, really hard very fast and so it's easy to stick everything in. And then for the roofs and the dormers you just press these into the frosting at a diagonal, just like that. Super easy, right? Okay, now we'll get our door on, our front door, just get right in the center and again that just presses right into the frosting on the cake, and that'll just stand out there really nicely, and a window for the top. All right, once you've got the dormers on and the door on, we're ready to add some shingles. So, for the shingles I've got these little multi-colored candies that are round, and you just start at the bottom, it's important to start at the bottom and just press them into your frosting. And the reason that you wanna start at the bottom is so that when you go on to make your second layer it will naturally overlap and you don't have to worry about, you know, picking up and putting the next slap underneath. See how that overlaps really nicely. That works really well. Now, that I've got the roof on, I'm ready to pipe on some windows. Now, I've got some white frosting in this piping bag and it's fitted with a fairly fine, small round tip, and that's what's gonna be important here. So, basically just make a box or rectangle, however big you wanna make the window on your house. There we go. And I'm gonna pipe a little window box in. Now, I'm gonna take this piping bag that's got some orange frosting in it and it's also fitted with a small round tip. And I'm going to make some curtains. I've got some green frosting in this piping bag, just to pipe some grass into the window box, and I'm gonna add some flowers. Now, for these I've got these really small pink and purple candies. I'm just gonna put a few of these on top for flowers, I've got pink ones and a few purple ones. And that's basically it, now you can really doll this cake by adding a lot of trimming like you can add a doorknob, you can draw a border around the bottom of the cake, you can even add a path by using some more of those wafers like you used on the roof. And once you're done with this cake, all of the kids are going to wanna move right in.

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