Dollhouse Cake - Part One



Build your daughter's dream dollhouse cake with just a few simple cuts and supplies. So for the cake, all you need are 2 baked 9" by 13" cakes. You can use whatever kind or flavor of cake that you want. Now this is actually really simple once you break it down. All I'm going to do is cut each cake in half crosswise. You're going to be stacking them and so you want the cakes to be even. Now that you've got your cakes cut in half crosswise, we're gonna start stacking up some layers. Basically we're going to make a 3-layer cake with 3 of the cake halves. And I've got pink frosting because this cake is all about pink. That's why it's perfect for your little girl. Okay, so I've got the frosting on and now I'm going to set my second layer on top and frost another layer and you wanna make 3 total layers. Once you've got 3 of your cake halves stacked up and frosted, you're going to cut the top peak of the cake. So over here on my last cake half, I'm going to take my long serrated knife and bring it in about an inch and half from the long side and then angle your knife and start cutting. You wanna cut on an angle all the way down to this corner. And that'll fall away and make a triangle. And you do the exact same thing on the other side. So now I need some frosting on this top smooth portion-- just get a nice layer of frosting there. This is going to be the peak for our dollhouse and you'll see how it goes together very easily. Okay now, taking these 2 pieces that you've cut off and just set it right on top of that frosting. And then make sure that the pieces hooked together really well. I'm going to put a layer of frosting on this smooth side. And then you'll do the same thing with this other side and you've got a little top of your cake. Now you're just gonna lift that piece off of your paper and stick it on top of your stack. And you've got yourself a dollhouse shape. For the frosting, all you need is pink frosting and you just wanna cover the entire cake with pink. And you've got your cake and now we get to go to the fun part of decorating this.

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