Birthday Cake Bonanza!

Why settle for store-bought?

Carousel Birthday Cake

    Fanciful, whimsical, or bold - the cake is the high point of any birthday party. Here, choose from some of our most popular cake recipes and get tips for easy cake-making. Don't forget to add candles before singing "Happy Birthday."

    Our Best-Loved Birthday Cakes

    Cake Basics

    • Bake ahead. You can bake, cool completely, wrap in plastic, and freeze up to 2 weeks any cake layers or cupcakes you'll be using.
    • Cut the cake. A serrated bread or steak knife does the best job of cutting clean cake slices.
    • Smooth finish. For even frosting, keep a large glass of hot water handy to clean your spatula or knife as you spread.
    • Big bold color. Paste or gel food colorings give frostings and icings the brightest hues. Buy them at party-supply, craft, and cake-decorating stores, or visit
    • Safe bites. Make sure cake decorations are age-appropriate for your partygoers (i.e., can be chewed and swallowed safely).

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