Backwards Party Cake

Yppah Yadhtrib! Let your little ones have a little backwards fun by baking our Backwards Party Cake.


-This silly backwards party cake is sure to attract a lot of attention. The cake is easy to make with a cake mix and canned frosting. First, bake your favorite cake mix into 8-inch cake pans. Ours has chocolate chips baked into it. Use a long serrated knife to level the cakes. Next, fill and frost the cake with one 16-ounce can of vanilla frosting. Now let's pipe a decorative border around the bottom and top of the cake using one 4 and a quarter ounce tube of decorating icing fitted with a star tip. We're using yellow, but of course use whatever color you like. Press colored sprinkles or candies on to the sides of the cake. Now, to spell out Happy Birthday backyards, you can use candy alphabet letters or make your own by icing and handwriting them backwards. Start with the Y then add P-P-A and H. Next, start with Y then add A-D-H-T-R-I and B. For a finishing touch, place a number candle backwards on to the cake. The backwards party cake is only the beginning of the birthday fun with this theme. Have guests wear their clothes backwards. And for a real challenge, see if they can sing Happy Birthday backwards.

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