10 Terrific Cake Toppings

Liven up your child's next birthday cake with pretty -- and truly easy -- decorations.

  1. Fresh fruit, such as orange wheels and mixed berries
  2. Mini chocolate candies (baking bits in peanut butter, chocolate, butterscotch), crushed peppermints, or colorful candies such as jelly beans
  3. Moldable fondant (available at baking supply stores), cut into shapes with cookie cutters
  4. Powdered sugar or cocoa dusted over doilies and stencils
  5. Shredded or toasted coconut
  6. Chopped, slivered, or toasted nuts
  7. Small cookies such as animal crackers, pirouettes, or sugar cookies cut into shapes
  8. Chocolate curls (scrape a chocolate bar with a vegetable peeler)
  9. Candies in shapes such as ducks and fish (available at www.wilton.com)
  10. Spun-sugar flowers (available at www.sweetc.com)

Note: To avoid the risk of choking, don't use small decorative items for children under age 4.)

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