Birthday Cakes

Delicious ideas for easy-to-make birthday cakes that will be a smash hit at your next party. Our tested recipes guarantee success. Plus: Be inspired with themes for every child from Barbie to circus to puppies and so much more.

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Mom 'Shocked' After Toddler's Cake Says 'Happy Birthday Loser': 'I Couldn't Stop Laughing'

Melin Jones says she asked a Walmart employee to include her daughter's nickname on the birthday cake, but "loser" wound up in icing instead.
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10 Smash Cakes to Rock Your Instagram Feed

Smash cakes are the hottest trend in baby birthdays. Photos of the messy memories, taken by mothers and professional photographers alike, have swept across Instagram lately. Check out our list of top smash cake ideas for your child—because while we that know your baby will be the star of your photos, the cake is, well, the icing on the cake. 
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Smash Cake Photo Series Features Three Adorable Down Syndrome Babies

So cute! A new photo series features three gorgeous babies who were born with Down Syndrome smashing their first birthday cakes. 
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10 Terrific Cake Toppings

Liven up your child's next birthday cake with pretty -- and truly easy -- decorations.
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Creative Birthday Cakes

Wow your party animals with one of these crazy cool cakes! 
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How to Make a Rice Krispies Treats Bicycle

Rice Krispies Treats feeling a little square? Try creating one shaped like a bike, thanks to fun-food fanatic Jessica Siskin’s upcoming book, Treat Yourself.