Best Toddler Toys of 2012

Our gift to you this holiday season is a stress-free shopping guide for the hottest playthings of the year. They topped our kid testers' wish lists!

Little People Disney Princess Sings Palace

Little People Disney Princess Sings Palace Bryan McKay

The royal ladies get a Little People makeover for this interactive playset, which recognizes and responds to each doll. 18 months+, $50; fisher-price.comBubbles

Bubbles Bryan McCay

Rubber ducks are so last season! Get more creativity during bathtime with these colorful orbs that stick to the tub and each other for an endless combination of designs. 12 months+, $18;

Spin 'N Saucer

Spin 'N Saucer Bryan McCay

Kids will have a blast on this UFO-shaped ride-on with 360-degree wheels that roll in every direction. 18 months+, $30;

My Very First Games: Gitti Giraffe

My Very First Games: Gitti Giraffe Bryan McKay

How many blocks can you stack on the giraffe's neck before they fall over? Your child is about to find out in this basic game that's a great intro to following rules. 2 years+, $36;

B. Woofer Guitar

B. Woofer Guitar Bryan McCay

Your tot rocker will get a kick out of jamming on this unique instrument. Not only does it play acoustic and electric, but it also howls when strummed! 2 years+, $24;

Wobble-Along Elephant

Wobble-Along Elephant Bryan McCay

Your budding walker can get in extra practice with the help of this sweet plush pet from the Parents toy line. 12 months+, $22;

Duplo My First Build

Duplo My First Build Bryan McCay

Easy-to-follow cards show beginners how to set up this house and other structures—and give them the confidence to make their own. 18 months+, $25;

Kid O Sort-A-Shape House

Kid O Sort-A-Shape House Bryan McCay

Match the pieces by color or shape to complete this mod home. 12 months+, $35;

Whizz Down Mountain

Whizz Down Mountain Bryan McCay

Our tot testers never got tired of rolling the cars down this spiral track, complete with flashing lights and sounds. 18 months+, $60;

Wonder Glow Blocks

Wonder Glow Blocks Bryan McCay

Classic wooden blocks just got a lot cooler, thanks to this high-quality glow-in-the-dark set. 2 years+, $23;

Alex Jr. Bop & Roll

Alex Jr. Bop & Roll Bryan McCay

Save your pots and pans with this mallet-and-ball toy that puts your child's banging energy to good use. 12 months+, $39;

Puzzle Stacker: Square

Puzzle Stacker: Square Bryan McCay

Add another level of play to this well-crafted stacking toy: Its pieces fit together in a variety of ways. 12 months+, $30;

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