Best Baby Toys of 2012

Our gift to you this holiday season is a stress-free shopping guide for the hottest playthings of the year. They topped our kid testers' wish lists!

Having a Ball Roll and Pop Fire Truck

Having a Ball Roll and Pop Fire Truck Bryan McCay

Encourage your child to crawl with this BrightStarts vehicle that shoots out balls for him to chase. Put it in Park so he can push the buttons and work on his ABCs. 3 months+, $20;

Treetop Friends Musical Crib Mobile

Treetop Friends Musical Crib Mobile Bryan McKay

Owls, apples, woodland charm -- this mobile pretty much covers the biggest nursery-decor themes of the moment. It also lulls your kid to sleep with music. 0 to 5 months, $45;

Pour & Float Froggy

Pour & Float Froggy Bryan McCay

Kids will hop at the chance to take a bath with this floating fountain that squirts water from its mouth. It also teaches numbers through songs and counting activities. 9 months+, $18;

Koala Ring Rattle

Koala Ring Rattle Bryan McCay

Crocheted from soft bamboo threads, this handmade rattle is perfect for little hands. 0 months +, $15;

Whoozit Whoops! Wooby

Whoozit Whoops! Wooby Bryan McCay

The popular Whoozit line is back with this blankie that doubles as an activity toy with teethers, crinklers, and more fun. 0 months+, $20;

MiYim Finger Puppets

MiYim Finger Puppets Bryan McCay

Five friends for the price of one! These organic cotton cuties are great for putting on a show -- or letting your teething baby chew on their adorable ears. 0 months+, $15;

Monkey in the Mirror

Monkey in the Mirror Bryan McCay

This cute chimp from Lamaze can hang by its tail on your child's crib, or you can fold it into a triangle so she can see her reflection during tummy time. 0 months+, $25;

Crinkle Friend: Hedgehog

Crinkle Friend: Hedgehog Bryan McKay

This plush pal is designed to stimulate your child's senses through vibrant colors, a variety of texures, and noisemakers. 6 months+, $17;

Tummy Time Cushion

Tummy Time Cushion Bryan McCay

Make your child's floor play a little more cushy with this soft pillow that's covered in surprises like a zippy snail and musical fruit. 3 months+. $28;

Rocktivity Sit to Stand Music Skool

Rocktivity Sit to Stand Music Skool Bryan McCay

Playskool goes new-school with this modern-music activity table that has a DJ section and attachable legs. 6 to 36 months, $45;

Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza Bryan McCay

The Everest of ball drops, this towering toy grows with your baby. Using lights, sounds, and ball chutes, it helps boost her motor skills. 6 to 36 months, $70;

Pop & Swap Gym

Pop & Swap Gym Bryan McCay

Entertain your baby at home or on the go with this gym that can attach to a car seat or a stroller. It comes with removable, dangling play pods. 0 to 24 months, $50;

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