Vacation Countdown Caterpillar

Your kids will love tearing daily links from this adorable paper-chain caterpillar to count down the days until an exciting trip or event!


Hi, my name is Eva and we're gonna make a really fun Vacation Countdown Caterpillar. In order to make this caterpillar, you need these materials: googly eyes, a stapler, double-sided scrapbooking paper, a hole punch, chenille stems, small pompoms, glue, scissors, and heart-shaped stickers. To begin our Vacation Countdown Caterpillar, you're going to grab all scrapbooking paper and I'm just going to make sure they are all stuck together and I wanna make sure if you have any writing on the ends we put that the same way and now what we're going to do is we're just gonna make some nice stick strips for this. So, you can start cutting about 3 inches and-- Now after you've cut, this is a great time to have your kids write in maybe some numbers to count down until a big vacation there about to go on or until their birthday party, and you can also write fun facts about where you're going so your kids can learn something about its history, or you can even write something in it like, "give mommy a hug today or give dad a big kiss." Whatever you want, you can be fun and creative with it. Now that you've written inside each of your little papers, now we are going to make them in the chain links. So what you're going to do is fold it over and staple them on each side where they meet. This is really fun for the kids. You can also use Tacky glue. To speed up the process, you can go ahead and use a stapler. Now it's really starting to come the life here and you can see the body of your caterpillar and I'm gonna save the yellow for the face so you can really see the face. We are gonna put on this little cute guy. Now, we are going to start on the face. So what we are going to do is add chenille stems by punching 2 holes in the top of our little caterpillar's head and wrapping them around front to back and twisting. And you can tuck the end of it back down into the caterpillar's head here. Now you can wiggle these little antennas anyway you like and again will do the other side, twisted around, and tuck it back behind the head, and bend your antenna. Now, we're gonna add little eyes to it, so we're just gonna use a little bit of Tacky glue. Now, we're gonna add some little feet to them so he has a way to walk. Now that we've done all the feet and part of the face, we have to add one last little detail and that's the adorable little kissy lips. Somebody take my little heart shape, you can use foam or anything you like, but I just love to use stickers and I'm gonna give it some little licps and then everyday you guys can tear it off together just 1 link at a time and just learn something new, and now you can count down the days to your next big event with your Vacation Countdown Caterpillar.

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