Upcycled T-shirt Bowl

Colorful t-shirts can find new life as adorable fabric bowls.


- Hi, I'm Danny Seo, author of the book Upcycling, and if you got a stock of kids T-shirt, you have bare to give right now. Well, you can upcycle them into the most adorable fabric balls, and you won't believe how easy it is. Start with a clean cookie sheets, some plastic clean wrap, of course an adorable T-shirt, pair of sharp scissors, a disposable foam brush, a bowl, and some Mod Podge in matte or gloss finish. Okay, so the first thing wanna do start with your ball piece. So, I glass ball, a metal ball, whatever the size of your finished ball you wanted to be, and then what we've done ahead of time is we cut the fronds of the short off, but you basically just want like a nice rectangular or square piece of fabric keeping in mind that the opposite side of the shirt will be on the top of the ball and you start to catch. The next step is you wanna take your surround wrap, and you wanna thoroughly coat the ball, and what this is, it allows you to release the finished ball very easily from the mold when you're completely finished. The next step then is to take your Mod Podge glue and just pour it on. The general rule of the thumb is you can't use too much glue, and then it's as simple as taking your piece of shirt fabric lying it on top, pressing it with your fingers. You really want the shirt to be saturated. The next step is want you to do this to create it's form, it's more glue, and incase you just wanna let it sit over overnight, 24 hours if the preference. Once it's good-- you just removed it from its based, peel off the plastic and you've got yourself a fabric ball with just a cute shirt, a little bit of glue, and just a little bit of time you too can upcycle your old shirts into a beautiful fabric ball.

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