Upcycled Bumblebee Craft: How-To Video

Parents' Lifestyle Director Amanda Kingloff shows how to upcycle a plastic drink bottle into a cute bumblebee craft.


Hi. I'm Amanda Kingloff from Parents Magazine and today I'm gonna show you how to up-cycle a plastic drink bottle and turn it into this cute bumblebee craft, here's what you'll need: A cereal or cracker box, bubble wrap, a pencil, black and yellow tape, a hot glue gun, a 15 to 20 ounce drink bottle, tacky glue, two pompoms and two googly eyes, a large paperclip, and scissors. So, the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna make the wings for our bumblebee so I've made a paper template in the shape of a teardrop and I'm gonna lay it on my cereal box, trace and cut, and I'm gonna do two 'cause I need one for each side. So now, we wanna make two wings out of bubble wrap, just lay your cardboard wing on top of it and just kind of hold and cut. The next thing you're gonna do is you're gonna attach the wings to the bottle so I'm gonna take my cardboard and make a little fold right at the tip, then you're gonna take a little dab of tacky glue, apply it to the point; now you've got to glue the wing about the 3rd of the way down the bottle. Take your bubble wrap wings and you're gonna glue them basically right on top of the cereal box. The next thing you're gonna wanna do is start putting the stripes on your bumblebee so you're gonna have your black and yellow tape handy so pull a nice long length of tape and basically just secure it, even lay all the way around, and then you're gonna alternate black, yellow, black, yellow. So now we've cleared off what we don't need and we're gonna make the face and the antenna for a bumblebee so you're gonna keep your yellow tape on the table, you're gonna take a piece; gonna cover the lid with the yellow, grab your tacky glue and put two little dots right on the lid to glue on your googly eyes. To make your antenna, you're gonna take a large paperclip, I have a black one and you're just gonna unfold it to a straight line and then bend it in half to make two antennae; and I have two yellow pompoms, just gonna put a dab of glue at the end of each side of the paperclip. To get the antenna to stand up straight on top of the bottle, you're gonna wanna use hot glue, and parents, it's best if you handle the hot glue gun for the kids so you're just gonna take a dot of hot glue and put it right at the spout of the bottle and put your paperclip right in there, and there you have it; a cute bumblebee up-cycled from a plastic drink bottle.

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