Twig Raft

Create a playtime raft that really floats with just a few natural twigs from your own backyard.


-Hi, I'm Eva and this time around, we're gonna be making a nature twig raft. For this project, you'll need a hot glue gun, felt, twigs, twine and scissors. To begin your nature twig raft, all you need to do is get a bundle of sticks. Now you can go outside on a nice nature walk on a beautiful day and just gather some sticks up with your children. Bring them back and you can cut them down or use your hands to break them. But parents, you might need to do some of the cutting. So, what we're going to do is get them--I don't know--anywhere between 4 to 5 inches and I've got several sticks here, about 10, 12. That would work. And what you're going to do is kinda lay them out how you want them to be glued and again, we're using a hot glue gun so please make sure, parents, this is your job to make sure the hot glue is only touched by you. If any of your sticks have little bends, you can set those aside 'cause maybe they'd make a great mast. I'm trying to find my most straight sticks and then we're gonna take 2 of our stick and lay them across like this, so when we turn it over, it'll kind of help our raft float. Now I'm going to begin gluing the base of the raft together. So, carefully just do a little bit of hot glue. Now that you started getting your base set and let it dry, we're going to add 2 pieces across the bottom like that. So you can break this down a little bit smaller. And while we're letting that set, we'll move that to the side and get started on our mast. So take your piece of felt. It can be any color, just ask your child what their favorite color is and you can make it out of that. And we're going to cut just a nice little triangle for our mast. You can make maybe different shape at the top like a rounded shape or you can maybe put a sticker on it or something to personalize it, maybe a letter from their name. And what we're going to do is we're going to fold this felt in half and just do 2 tiny little snips, not too big; one and spread the other one maybe about 2 inches down and do another little snip. And what we're going to do is feed this over the mast and we're gonna weave it. Put this stick in one side and have it come out the top so that your mast looks something like this. Now we're gonna take our mast and put it on to our raft, so you can set it right in between maybe a couple little sticks. Leave a little space or you can glue it right on top. I'm just gonna add a little bit of glue and feed our stick in. Make sure it's nice and snug. When your glue is dry, you can grab your twine and we're going to start wrapping it around kind of a design and decoration to the raft. And also, it's another way to reinforce it, make sure it's still together. So, we're just going to take the string and we're going to begin wrapping it. And I'm gonna wrap around the sides kind of in an X shape. And you're going to repeat on the other side. And I know you and your kids are gonna have fun sailing your cute nature twig raft.

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