Use loom weaving to create a woven wall hanging or a loom-woven bookmark.

By Craft by Jodi Levine
October 26, 2015
Credit: Tara Donne

A Touch of Fringe

What You'll need:

  • 7½ x 5 in. cardboard loom
  • Scissors
  • Yarn in varying weights
  • Small dowel or branch

What You Do:

  1. Using cardboard loom, take 8 lengths of thick yarn, 2 ft. each, and fold each in half. Knot top of each strand to create a loop big enough to fit the dowel or stick. Thread yarn loops onto dowel or stick, then insert yarn strings into top and bottom slits of loom (dowel will be resting on top of loom). Knot strings underneath each bottom slit.
  2. Take a different-colored yarn and cut a 1-ft. to 2-ft. length; for more colors in your project, use shorter lengths of yarn. Starting at top left corner of loom, pull yarn under the first vertical string, then over the next string, and so on, until you reach the rightmost string. Then, from the right side of the loom working left, pull yarn under the closest vertical string, then over the next string, and so on. To change colors, snip end of one colored yarn and knot to a new yarn.
  3. Continue weaving pattern across loom until you reach the bottom. You may thread beads onto yarn during weaving, if desired. Knot the loose yarn tails on the top left and bottom right to the nearest vertical strings.
  4. Lift bottom strings off loom in pairs, then knot pairs together. Holding dowel or stick, remove top strings from loom. Add more knots on bottom fringe, if desired.
  5. Tie embroidery thread or thin yarn to opposite ends of dowel or branch so project can be hung.

One for the Books

What You'll Need: (Same supplies as A Touch of Fringe)

What You Do:

  1. Follow instructions for A Touch of Fringe, instead using a 14 x 5-in. loom and 5 pieces of thin yarn, each 1 ft. long. Without folding in half or using a dowel, insert individual strings into loom slits, leaving 2 in. of yarn to hang above and below the loom.
  2. When finished, remove both top and bottom vertical strings off loom in pairs, then knot pairs together. Add more knots to top and bottom fringe, if desired.

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