Star Spangled Wind Socks

Show your stripes (and stars) with twirly paper wind socks.


-Hi. My name is Eva and we're gonna celebrate 4th of July by making beautiful windsocks. In order to make your windsocks, you need these supplies: 12 x 12 inch sheets of light red and blue card stock, glue, star paper punches, scissors, a hole punch, ruler, 20 10-inch strips of ribbon, and twine. To begin our 4th of July windsocks, you need to take your white piece of paper first, fold it in half, and your kids can do this part. Very simple. They just have to match their corners and press down. We're going to open it up and have them cut right along this line here. Now what we're going to do is attach all of our strings. So, you can have your kids pick out different 4th of July string that they like; some that have stars on it or maybe just red, blue, and white, but we have this lovely ribbon with all the colors on it. So what you're going to do is lay them down. Once you've had your children lay it out, they can ask them to do their glue by just putting a dot under each one. Now, while that's drying, we're going to take our ruler and place it at the top. Make sure your ruler is flushed with your paper. Now we're just gonna take our hole punch and we're going to figure out where to punch our holes. The best places are 4 inches, 8 inches, and 11-1/2. So, I'm just going to keep the ruler there just as a guide. Once you've punched your holes, you're going to let the ribbon continue to dry and we're just going to move this to the side very carefully and start making our little stars and designs. Now, you can use markers too, but today we just want a nice simple pattern and this is a lot of fun because you can get all different sizes of stars and you can punch out all different colors. And since this is for 4th of July, we're gonna stick with our blue, our white, and our red. Now, for the red, I'm going to punch out the stars, but I'm gonna use the punched out side, not the punches. And what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut my stars out. Now that you have all your little punches, you're gonna bring back your paper now that it's dry and turn it over so you can decorate the outside of it. So now we're just gonna take some Tacky glue and adhere all our pieces. And I'm just gonna add a little star to the end of some of my ribbons. Now, we're gonna roll up our windsock to connect it. So what you wanna do is roll up until your 2 edges meet. Add a little bit of glue, but you don't wanna cover up your first hole, so you wanna leave a little bit of room so you can still put a string through him. And then I'm set 'em aside to dry. Now that your windsock is dry, we're just gonna string some twine through and tie a knot so that we can start hanging our windsock. Now that you have all your twine tied on, you're just gonna take all 3 pieces. Find the middle point and make a knot right there. Pull nice and tight and this is great for the kids to practice their knots and give it a nice pull. Snip off any loose ends. And there you have your first festive windsock for 4th of July.

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