Stamped Snowman Card

Instructions for making a holiday greeting card using furniture pad stamps.


-Hi, I'm Ann Hallock from Family Fun here to show you how to make these stamped snowman cards. Kids love stamping and this easy craft let's them turn out tons of cards, gift wrap, and more. To make this craft, you'll need felt furniture pads, cardboard, regular and decorative edge scissors, card stock, blank cards, paint brushes and paint, black marker, and double-sided tape. To start, arrange the furniture pads on a piece of sturdy cardboard in the shape of a snowman. With decorative edge scissors, cut rectangles of card stock that are gonna fit on the front of your blank cards. Use a paintbrush to coat the furniture pads with white paint then stamp those snowman on to the card stock pieces. Let your prints dry for a while. We've also made stamps for a carrot nose and a scarf from another felt pad. And with a bit of pink and orange paint, you can add scarves and noses to all your snowman. Now, use a black marker to add eyes, mouth, buttons, arms, and any other details you like to your snowman. Attach your prints to blank cards using double-sided tape. Remember, you can also use this stamp to decorate gift tags and other crafts that are sure to melt some hearts this Christmas.

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