Stained Glass Kite

Use wax paper and melted crayons to make this simple, pretty sun catcher.


-Hi, my name is Eva, and today we're gonna be making a colorful wax crayon kite. In order to do this project, you will need these supplies: an iron, ribbon, heavy colored paper, kite template, broken crayons, a hole punch, scissors, old kitchen towels, pencil, pencil sharpener, craft glue, and wax paper. Now, to start our wax crayon kite, have your children pick out 2 colors of construction paper that they really like. They can be 2 different colors or the same. So, what we're going to do is take one of our papers and you can get these templates at and just a kite template and what I'm going to do is trace around it. I've already pre-cut the template. So, you will need to cut out the little inside triangles and around the edges. Now, if they mess up it all, it's okay because we can use the other side and you won't see the pencil lines once we're all done here, and to save on a little bit of time, I'm going to overlap this, and you can either staple the corners to have your child cut a little bit straighter, keeping them together, but I'm just going to free hand this here. And that I have my template traced on one, I do have to trace it on other, so I got my windows. Now, that I have traced them both, I'm going to cut out the windows for my kite. So, again, if you an older child, they might be able to do this. If you need to help your little ones, that's okay. I'm just poking a hole right and through the window and then coming back around and cleaning the edges. Now, that we've cut out our first template, we need to cut the windows out of our second one, and if you wanna make your kite larger, you can scale it up, but using a copy machine. So, today, we just kept it just a normal construction size and that's about 8-1/2 x 11 when you print it out. Now that we finished our 2 templates, we're going to start with out wax paper. So, what you're going to do is take 2 pieces the same size and you wanna make sure when you do cut your wax paper that your template fit over it. So, take the top layer off, and you can take crayons that maybe your kids have already used or have broken and as an adult you can take scissors and kind of shave them down, but if you have your child, they can just have some fun sharpening the crayons and them dumping them out, and they can use any colors that the want. I've just used some rainbow colors here, and you can even cut your crayons to make a little bit bigger piece to get it going a little faster, and what we're going to do is we're going to sprinkle them onto the wax paper, and in order to know where we wanna put it, what I'm going to do is lay a towel down, put my wax paper on top of my kite template, sure it's nice and flat here, and this will be a little guide for me to know where the windows are and what I'm going to do is just sprinkle some crayons in the windows, and then we're going to follow it up, buy placing the other piece of wax paper on top, nice and gentle so that it doesn't move around too much, and we're going to place our other kitchen towel on top. Now, adults, this is the part where the iron comes in. We'd hope that you would do this for your children, and what we're going to do is put it at the hottest temperature without any water in it and make sure your steam is turned off, and what we're going to do is just press down, and then move every few seconds because if the crayons melt too much, they will blend together and make a brown color, which maybe you want, but I like to see all the rainbow colors that I put on, and after a few seconds, you can remove your towel and take a look and see how its going. Okay, so I can see that it needs a little bit more, so I'm just going to keep pressing and you can even move iron around slowly and there it now is starting to more that color. So, few more here. Now, we're going to take our glue and glue our wax paper down to our kite. So, you can kind of put it on your kite first. Now, we're going to place it back on top. Now, you're going to flip it over and continue with the other side. Now, you can set it to dry because I'm using a nice tacky glue, I'm gonna keep continuing my projects, and what I'm going to do is just snap around the edges. Now, that you're done layering all your papers, we're going to make a little hole with our hole punch at the very top of your kite, and then we're going to glue a little tail on for our kites, so it's really cute, otherwise, what would you have to hold on to, and I'm just gonna use a little bit tacky glue here. I'm gonna add one little ribbon. And then we're gonna take our last ribbon and put it to the top. You can also use fishing wire for this so that you don't see, but I kind of like it. Now, it's complete. So, put it in your window, catch some rays, see the beautiful colors, and there you have your wax crayon kite.

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