Stained Glass Butterfly

Your child will love watching the summer sun shine right through this beautiful "stained-glass" wall hanging made from colorful tissue paper.


Hi, my name is Eva and thanks so much for joining me. We're gonna be making a butterfly stained glass wall hanging today. In order to make this project, you'll need these supplies: an embroidery hoop, ribbon, card stock, clear contact paper, colored tissue papers, and scissors. To begin our project, you're going to take your card stock and mine is actually 2 different colors, which most scrapbook paper is. So you can pick the side you like and I'm just going to fold it in half, and now I'm going to cut out a design for my butterfly. And since we folded it in half, you're only going to make 1 side of your butterfly. So, we're just going to start with the head. Once you have that cut out, you're going to open it up and you can fix up any lines that you need. So I'm just gonna trim up some of my wings now that I can see it, but we wanna have a big enough surface to cut out the inside of the wings and make some designs. So I'm just gonna come back and add some little details to it. And there we have our little butterfly that we can fit inside our little embroidery hoop. So now that we know that it fits, we need to cut out some designs from the wings so we can start making it really colorful inside. So we're just gonna fold it back over again and you can either poke a hole through which parents you should do, or you can fold your wings again just a neat little trick and then we're just gonna cut out some more designs on the inside. And once again, once it's cut, you can check it to see if you wanna make your wings bigger but that gives you a little start with a pattern. So now I wanna make it a little bit bigger and I'm gonna keep some of my design and then I'm gonna stretch out the other parts that I need a little bit bigger. And now that I have that pretty much set how I want it, don't worry about the creases. They'll go away once we cover it with some contact paper. So now, to get the tissue to stick, we don't need glue and we don't need tape. We need our contact paper. So, I'm going to roll my contact paper out and we're going to place the embroidery hoop inside and what we wanna do is cut it a little bit bigger. So I'm just gonna start with a square because we can trim it later. So we're gonna take our first side, set our contact paper aside for now and now that we know right about where the hoop is going to go, you can even take your scissors and just kinda mark where your tool stops. You can mark where you need to lay your butterfly because it's gonna fit right in the middle so- Okay, and we're gonna undo our contact paper and lay it flat on the table and again, you can kinda use your embroidery hoop to lay out but don't stick it against your contact paper or else it will stick to it. And now you're gonna push your butterfly down. You just work your fingers around making sure all the pieces are flat. Now here comes the fun part. Your kids get to pick out any colors they like of tissue paper. They even make printed tissue paper, so today, I wanna keep it nice and beautiful and use all this little rainbow colors and you can tear them, you can cut them. I like to tear them up and you're just going to lay them across the contact paper. It's okay if they cover the back of the butterfly 'cause we won't see that side when it's hanging in the window. And I'm just gonna find different little pieces and different colors. Now to finish the job, we're just gonna take another piece of contact paper and we're going to cut it the same size. So we're gonna cut off any excess. We're gonna take our embroidery hoop so we kind of get an idea again of how big to cut it. And we're gonna lay this piece flat on the table. Now you need to take your time when you're laying the second piece on 'cause once it gets stuck, that's it. So we're just gonna lay it right on top and just move from the inside out and smooth it out and now we're going to put our embroidery hoop around it. So we're just gonna find right about where it goes and you're going to unscrew your embroidery hoop and by the way, you can pick this up and have them wooden. You can find ones that are already painted with different colors or you can change the color and make your own. And what you're going to do is press it in by taking your hoop, turning this over. Make sure it's in the right location and press it in and you're going to trim all the sides. Then once again, take your kids, find their favorite ribbon and you're just gonna cut a little bit off and you're going to tie it through your embroidery hoop. So we have a little space at the top to work with and then you can loop it at the top. Trim off any extra ribbon you don't need and hang it in front of any window you like and there you have a beautiful butterfly stained glass wall hanging.

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