Snowy Wonderland

Instructions for making a Christmas tree ornament using miniatures.


Hi. I'm Jordan De Frank from FamilyFun here to show you how to make your own snowy wonderland. Kids love this craft because you can create a variety of tiny scenes just by choosing different miniatures from the craft shop. To make this craft, you'll need a clear plastic cup, silver poster board, decorative craft scissors, fiber fill, miniatures, tacky glue, fine glitter, push pin, embroidery floss, and a few craft beads. Start by tracing the rim of the cup onto the back of a poster board. Cut out the circle with craft scissors so the base will be slightly larger than the cup. Before gluing, place the batting in miniatures on the shiny side of the circle to check position and fit. Glue the base of each item to the poster board smoothing and fluffing the snow around them and sprinkle the scene with fine glitter. Use the push pins to make a hole in the cup. Thread a craft bead onto the embroidery floss. Gather the ends together letting the bead fall to the middle and thread them up through the hole. String a few more beads onto the threads and knot the ends to form a loop. Apply a line of glue along the edge of the poster board circle. Press the cup upside down onto the glue and hold it in place for 20 seconds or so. During the first 10 minutes of drying time, occasionally check the seal and press down gently on the cup if necessary. Let the glue dry for a full day before hanging the ornament. This glittery winter wonderland is a sparkling addition to any tree.

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