Simple Terrarium

Reuse jumbo plastic bottles to make simple terrariums.


Hi, my name is Eva and thanks for joining me. We're gonna be making homemade terrariums today. In order to do this project, you'll need these materials: a large plastic bottle, scotch tape, potting mix, newspaper, large spoon, pebbles, seeds and a spray bottle. Now to start this homemade terrarium, grab your kids and enjoy celebrating Earth Day while making your own terrarium. We're going to begin by making a homemade funnel. So all we're gonna do is recycle some old newspaper and I'm just gonna tear it in half. You wanna keep all your papers together and not take it apart because it will hold its form better. So I'm just gonna roll and you wanna make sure it's smaller on one side and more open at the end so we can pour things through. And once you get it to the size you like, you're gonna take a little bit of scotch tape and tape your funnel together. And since this is for Earth Day, it's a little messy so you might wanna do this outside while you're in nature. We're gonna grab our plastic bottle now, keep our funnel open and put it right at the top. Now we're going to take our wooden spoon and dump some of the potting mix inside. Your kids will have a blast pouring in this dirt, maybe getting their hands a little messy by dumping it in with their hands, so we're juts gonna fold our little top-down here. And you're gonna dump in about 3 to 4 inches of soil. And now you can get nice and dirty if you wanna ditch the spoon and have some fun. Now you can shake down your soil and get it nice and flatten it out a little bit more. This way you can measure if you are about 3 inches. So now that you have it about 3 inches full, just remove your funnel, spray with some water and then add a couple seeds of your choice. For rapid growth, you can use lima beans, pole beans or wheatgrass. And then you're going to sprinkle in some more potting mix on top, not very much, just a little bit. So I'm gonna give it about a little scoopful here. Now you can remove your funnel and spray again with water. And now you can go outside, gather some small pebbles and drop them in. This is to help the seeds from moving and keep the soil down. Now you can cap it off or leave it open. If you decide to add a cap, you can use a drain plug or you can use a cork. Then you place it in a beautiful window and you'll only add water when it appears dry. And there you have your homemade terrarium.

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