How to Make Sewn Candy Pouches

Fill pretty candy pouches with conversation hearts for a classic Valentine's Day treat.


We all know that Valentine's Day is about 2 things, love and candy. Here's a craft that showcases both. For this project, you'll need pre-cut scallop cards from, about 4 by 5 inches, scissors, thin ribbon, a hole punch, small candies and clear plastic baggies. Take 2 of the cards and stack them on top of one another. And using the scallops as a guide, punch evenly- spaced holes around the outer edge of the cards with the hole punch. Take the card that will be the top of the package and fold it in half. Cut a half heart at the fold like this. Then, unfold it and place it back on top of the other card. You'll need about 1 yard of ribbon per packet. Weave the ribbon through the hole starting at the center top going in the front and weaving around the back just like you're sewing. You wanna leave a tail at least 5 inches long so you can tie a bow at the end. Stitch around the card until you reach the last hole on the bottom corner and pause. Grab your clear plastic bag. You can fill them with conversation hearts then tuck your bag of candies in between the 2 cards so the candies are visible through the cutout heart. Finish sewing until you reach the hole where you started. And then, bring the ribbon back through the first hole like this. Tie your 2 ends into a bow and trim the ends if you need to. There's no doubt that your kids will have a blast making this candy pouches for Valentine's Day.

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