Gift Kids Can Make: Posy Sewing Kit

Perfect for a mom or grandmother, this clever and handy gift in a jar is a cinch to put together.


You will need: Sewing supplies, tacky glue, stiff and regular felt, half-pint canning jar with lid ring and lid center, pencil, flower template, fiber fill, scissors, cotton fabric, ruler. Place lid ring on fabric. Make a circle an inch wider than ring. Cut it out. Place fabric inside of lid ring. Add fiber fill. Add lid center to top. Push down to secure. Cut out flower template. Trace template onto stiff felt. Cut it out. Slip the flower over the lid ring. Measure a 3/8 by 9-1/4 inch strip on regular felt. Cut it out. Glue it to the lid. Fill jar with sewing supplies. Add lid.

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