These easy-to-sew wallets are sized just right for business cards, but you can also use them to present a gift card, jewelry, or even a heartfelt note.

Cozy Card Holders
Credit: Laura Moss
Blanket Stitch
Credit: Laura Moss

You will need:

Wallet template, below

Felt (wool or a wool blend looks and feels best)

Large-eye needle

Embroidery floss



1. Use the template to cut the shape out of felt. Don't cut the buttonhole just yet.

2. Use the needle and floss to add embroidery to what will be the back of the card holder (as marked on the template). We sewed a few asterisk shapes onto ours.

3. Fold up the bottom section of the holder to the line indicated on the template and pin it in place. 4. Use a blanket stitch (shown at right) to sew up one side, around the edge of the top flap, and down the other side of the holder.

6. Mark and cut a buttonhole that's the length of your button's width. Blanket-stitch around both edges of the slit.

6. Sew a button to the holder.

Originally published in the December/January 2013 issue of FamilyFun magazine

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