Rock Mushrooms

Let your child decorate your garden, potted plants, or windowsill with easy-to-make rock mushrooms that won't wilt in the summer sun.


Hi, my name is Eva and thank you so much for joining me. Today, we're going to make rock mushrooms. To make your Rock Mushrooms, you need these materials: Hot glue, red and white paint, smooth rocks, and paintbrushes. In order to begin our rock mushrooms, first you'll need a smooth rock to pain white, so we're gonna take any size brush, it doesn't matter, and I always like to cover my work space with a paper or anything that keeps my table safe, and I'm just going to paint. Now if you want too, you can paint one side, let it dry, flip it over and paint the other side, I find that works best, and I already have one rock painted white so we'll just set that one aside and then we need a second brush to paint the top of our mushroom, red. So, the white will be the bottom and the top will be red part of the mushroom. And so we're just going to paint on here and set it aside to dry and I have one already pre-made here, that's red. Now, we're going to add cute little details like little spots on top of our mushroom. So, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna use the back of my brush to make the white spots. If you wanna get a new brush you can, but I just like to recycle what I have got already so I just tip the end of my brush and I'm just gonna place the dots here and there, wherever I wanna put in, they can be big, they can be small, you can even get really creative and add, you know, different textures to it, but right now we're just going to add some little speckles and once it all dry and you have it all done, you can assemble it-- just like this. So, all you're going to do is take the top of your mushroom and glue it to the bottom of the mushroom and it's okay if they don't fit perfectly on top, you can even stand them straight up if you like, maybe put them inside the planter or on your windowsill, and I'm just gonna use hot glue and please make sure that adults, you do the hot glue. And there you have your cute little rock mushroom that you can place in your garden or on a windowsill wherever it makes you feel happiest.

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