Recycled Mini Journal

Grab ordinary materials around your home to create a tiny notebook.


-Hi, I'm Danny Seo, author of the book Upcycling and would you believe these adorable little journals are made from everyday materials you have inside your home. They looked hard to make, but there's a sense. Let me show you how. Here's everything you need to make recycled mini journal; a magazine, a strip of craft paper, craft glue, paper punch, sharp scissors, decorative edge scissors, a glue stick, a piece of yarn, a pencil, a spaghetti box, and colorful craft paper. Alright, so you start with your spaghetti box, and you want pair of sharp scissors, and all you have to do is cut a strip from box to the size of your journal. The next step is that you wanna take your strip of craft paper. You take your strip and then in accordion style, you just wanna fold this like a fan until you end up with a bunch of folded pieces. We're gonna start with the box right here, and you just wanna open it wide just like this and then you wanna take one of our craft glue that handy. This is a nice clear one, and you just wanna smudge it down by the book, and then you wanna glue on the inside. So, you've got like the folded part here and then you got the open part. On the folded part, you wanna glue this on the inside just like this. This can really hold it in, and it's a little bit of holding it in the process at the same time too. While you're holding it, you wanna take the 2 [unk] sheets and also glue them into the book like this. We're just gonna take these sheets. That is glued in. This is glued into to add a beautiful decorative tie. It's as simple as taking a little bit more of that glue and you take a piece of string and press it into place, and then we're gonna repeat the whole thing right here on the back with more glue. The cover of the outside of the box, what I've done here is taking some beautiful craft paper. To touch it on, use your handy dandy glue stick, and you wanna be very liberal to make sure that the edges is really you want to secure finish. First, let me attach plunge, attach to the side all the way around, pass into place, and then if you wanna do something that's a little even more decorative, use your decorative edge scissors. There's a piece here just like this, and you can also add this one to this one as well. So, to decorate the front of your journal, you can just take pages out of magazine. I'm using bucket show appearance and with my scissors, I'm making an ice cream cone, but really, you could do whatever you wanted, but with my scissors, I cut out a cone, so kind of brown page right here, looks pretty good like that, and then with a decorative paper punch, this is a 1/2-inch floated punch from any craft store. I sort of just wanted to appear what's the cone could be, and all you could do is attach it with your glue stick and you got yourself a beautiful little journal, but you've got more stuff to do. Start collecting pictures, stamps, stickers, or draw something creative on the inside.

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