Pom Pom Pals

Turn a homemade fuzz ball into a warm and furry creature for your child to cuddle or share with a friend.


-Hi, I'm Eva, and today we're making pompom pals. In order to begin our project, you need these supplies, felt, craft foam, scissors, pipe cleaner, thick yarn, a think book, mini pom poms, tacky glue, buttons, gooly eyes, and feathers. In order to begin our pompom pals, we need our little thin book, and what we're going to do is take our skein of yarn, and we're going to wrap 80 to 100 times around our book until it's about inch to half an inch thick. Okay, once you're down wrapping your yarn, you can snip off the end and what you're going to do is slide your yarn off of our book. Now, in order to keep our little loop from falling apart, you're going to cut about 6-inch strand of the yarn, and you're going to wrap it around the middle of your loop and we're going to tie a few times one, two, and three for good luck, and kids are really good at doing this part right here with the yarn. So, let them have fun wrapping around the book and cutting all the pieces. Okay, now, what we're going to do is we're gonna separate our 2 sides, and you're going to find the middle and just kind of slip your scissors through and do a nice snip, and if you see some more loops, just snip those too until you get all of them undone. If you wanna keep a couple of the loops that's fine and then we're gonna do same on other side, just be really careful when you're cutting, and we're gonna get this last ones. Okay, now, once you've got it, you just kind of spread it out. Little pieces might fall off here and then you might have snipped too many times, but then you have these little strands. Now, you can use them as little legs or little arms, but I'm gonna snip them until they are about the same size. Okay, and now that we have our pompom made, it's nice and soft, you can add little eyeballs, little buttons, just small embellishments to bring it to life. So, I'm gonna start with some pipe cleaner, and I'm gonna make little arms and legs for it, and I suggest doing all the dry stuff first, so you can work with it easily and I'm going to wrap this around the middle just kind of like how we did the first piece of yarn that we wrapped her on the middle, and this is making the little arms to stick out the sides, and you can make them waving, arms up, arms down. So we have our arms done, and on the end of arms, I'll add some little pompoms with the glue, and now I'm gonna add some legs and they give me different colors of pipe cleaner, but I'm just gonna stick with little red. I love it. Now, I'm gonna start with the glue. Okay and this is a little bit messy, but it's okay, you just leave it to dry and that will be fine. So, we're gonna add some little ice or a little, I mean some big ice and I got to love this little googly eyes here and press them right on top and now our creature is stating to come alive, and we're going to add little pompoms to the end of the pipe cleaners. While that's drying, you're gonna start cutting out maybe some little piece out of felt or out of your foam and make maybe a mouth or little heart, just anything you want, and I'm gonna add little lips. I'm gonna glue my little lips on. Now, it looks like I can have a conversation with my little pal. Now, I'm gonna add some feathers to the top of the head. You can make it into hair or anything you want. You can even add more yarn to it if you want it to have different colored hair, but I think the feathers will be really damn thing cute for it. And then lastly, I'm gonna use a little piece of felt and a button. This can be a little belt wrapped around it. And there you have your cute little pompom pal.

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