Plastic Bottle Sand Creature

Save those bottles for this super fun activity.


Hi, my name is Eva and we're going to be making a Plastic Bottle Sand Creature. In order to make this project, you'll need these supplies: Chenille stems, googly eyes, plastic grass, colored sand, glue, a plastic water bottle, and a funnel. Our plastic bottle sand creatures are so much fun to do for a party or just your kids by themselves on maybe a rainy day and make it fun. It's free form and it's super goofy, which I love. So now, let's begin our sand creature by taking our plastic bottle, taking our cap off and grabbing our funnel. You can use a kitchen funnel if you like or you can do one like us and we just roll the piece of paper and put some tape on it and it works just the same and I'm just gonna stick it in the mouth of the water bottle and hold it with my hand. Okay, now you can hold this for your child while they start spooning in their sand colors so your water bottle doesn't shake or tip, and we're just gonna spoon in our purple first. And after you get a little bit of sand in, you can switch up the colors for some more fun designs and make it really colorful. I like to do about an inch of color. Sometimes, you can get a really thin layer in there and it just makes it really look unique. Some of the sands come in different sizes so you can get a really fine sand or you can get a thicker sand. And this is a fun project to do outside if you like so you can keep it nice and clean inside your house and will top it off with some purple. Now make sure you fill your sand all the way to the top so it won't shift or change the lines at all. And be really careful when you pull out your funnel just in case we added too much. We actually got it just right and we're just going to put our cap right back on and make sure not to shake up your sand or anything. We want the lines to say really nice and vibrant and now we're going to add our googly eyes and some grass hair. And this plastic grass comes in all different colors so you can pick out with your child your favorite color or you can get several colors and mix it up and so I'm gonna put some googly eyes on and then we're going to add our hair. So what you can do and a quick way to do this is just to apply glue all over the top of the cap and I wanna make sure my eyes are still seen, so I'm just gonna apply more to the back of my little sand creature's head. And you can just grab the whole gob, kind of ball it up in your hand, and stick it on top, and if you want too, you can take your chenille stems and you can add little arms or little antennas, anything you want. I'm just gonna put a little antenna on the head and so my creature looks extra special and I'm gonna add a little bit more hair around. This is a great way to recycle and keep all your bottles and make them in a beautiful art and there you have your recycled bottle sand creature.

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