Plaster Plaques

Watch how to make plaster relief plaques, as featured in the June/July 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.


If you're looking for a really fun and kind of messy hands-on project to do this summer, pick up a bag of plaster of Paris and try this plaster plaque project. It involves really kid-friendly steps like rolling, stamping, and the results are pretty amazing. You can use any metal or plastic doodad that you find around the house to stamp your design. Here, we used an old doorpull. Put your clay mold on a piece of foil and fold up some walls. They don't have to be as neat as it's shown here. Go ahead and mix up your plaster. This is the fun part because it's like an at-home science experiment. Kids love to watch the plaster thicken up. Sprinkling and stirring - it's just a really enjoyable part for kids. Pour the thickened plaster carefully into the mold, and then you wanna give it a bit of a shake to settle the plaster and release any air bubbles. We used a wire hanger for making a little hook in case you wanna display your plaque, which is kind of a nice idea. After about 30 minutes to an hour your plaque is ready. Peel away the clay mold and waa la - pretty impressive results.

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