Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

Add some sizzle to your festivities with these easy, kid-friendly fireworks.


Hi, my name is Eva and thanks so much for joining me today. We'll be making pipe cleaner fireworks. In order to make this project, you'll need these items: scissors, glue, red, silver, blue glitter, red, white and blue pipe cleaners, a thick sponge, and yarn. In order to begin our pipe cleaner fireworks, first we'll start off with our pipe cleaners. You can have blue, white, red-- you can even mix them all up, make them multi-colored. What we're going to do is cut each of our pipe cleaners in half. So I'm going to start with my red and just start cutting them in half. Once you finish cutting all your pipe cleaner, you're going to take the first color you would like to start with. In this instance, I'm going to start with my blue. So what you're going to do is take your glue and you're going to place each end of the pipe cleaner into the glue and dip it into your favorite color of glitter. And for this one, I'm gonna dip one end at a time so it doesn't get too messy. I'm gonna dip it into some silver glitter. And then you do the same and repeat on the other side and you can have fun, you can dip it in different colors- it doesn't matter. This is where the kids get to be really, you know, artistic and add their little style to it. And I'm gonna dip it right back into silver. Now to let these dry, we're going to place it on top of the sponge so that it can hang and just dry and it's a good idea to maybe put some construction paper underneath so if any glue drips, you know, it's keeping your table safe. But I have some already premade that I'm going to use. And now we're gonna be ready for our next step. So first just let that dry and then once they're all dry, you've done all your colors, you're going to take all the pieces and you're going to lay them out and leave one outside. What we're going to do is bundle all of our pipe cleaners and wrap one around it. Now you should have this wrapped right in the middle, so that we can start bending each piece individually. Now fireworks don't always come out perfectly straight. They kinda have their own little path that they take whenever they explode, so you can start bending your little fireworks out different ways and wiggle them. Now that we're done, we're going to start hanging it with our yarn or you can use fishing line, so that maybe you don't see it hanging. It's up to you. You can even use different color, yarn and I'm just gonna take a nice little line of it, however long you want it to hang- it's up to you and we're just gonna wrap the yarn right around the middle and tie it. And there you have your fourth of July pipe cleaner firework. Thanks so much for joining me.

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