Use these tips to help your kid's photo rack up the most votes in one of our photo contests.

Parents Cover Contest

Whether it's the cash prize or the pride, every parent wants his or her kid to win one of Parents' photo contests! Use these tips to help your child's photo win the most votes. Remember: Word of mouth is key to getting more votes. Tell your friends to tell their friends -- and so on.

1. E-mail your family and friends and tell them to vote for your kid.

2. Share the link with your online network. We have a great share button that makes this easy!

  • On Facebook: Share the voting link; make an event to invite your friends to vote and send them reminders in messages; and make your profile picture a reminder for people to vote.
  • On Twitter: Tweet reminders to your followers and ask them to re-tweet.
  • On Pinterest: Pin your kid's picture from the voting page to one of your Pinterest boards. In the caption, ask your followers to click the photo and vote.
  • On your blog: Post about the contest, create a voting button for your page, and sneak in reminder voting links on your posts.
  • In online communities: Put a voting link in your signature and start posts asking other members to vote.

3. Spread the word locally.

  • Share your excitement in conversation with friends, co-workers, and family members. Send them a follow-up e-mail, Facebook post, or Tweet with a voting link.
  • Put a flyer up on an office bulletin board.
  • Call up a local radio station and ask to give an on-air shout-out.
  • Contact your local newspaper for coverage.

Remind people to vote after you've done your initial contact. This may seem annoying, but many people need reminders.

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