10 Family Photo Ideas to That Are Easy as They Are Fun

Don't equate fun with getting your whole family ready for a pricey, time-consuming, stressful photoshoot? Of course not. Hiring a photographer, buying matching outfits (?), and making sure no one gets dirty, sneezy, sleepy, or in your infants' case, poopy is daunting enough to make any parent shutter. But family photo shoots can be simple, even down-right enjoyable. These ideas are as unique as your family—and you don't need to be a pro photographer, tech genius, or high fashion model to pull them off.

Monique Pinkney
Photo: Monique Pinkney
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Plan a Paint Fight

Kristen Duke Photography

Life is messy—embrace it! Take inspiration from blogger Kristen Duke who turned her families holiday card portrait session into a full-on paint fight.

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Skip the Sand for a Beachy Theme

The actual beach doesn't even need to be in the shot! It's all about the accessories: add cute swimsuits, oversized hats, sunnies, a tropical drink, and you've nailed it!

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Photograph Your Family Cooking

Does your family spend most of its time in the kitchen, like mine? Queue up your favorite recipe and take your positions to whip up some amazing candid photos.

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Frame Yourselves

Bri Joel and Indy family
Kevin N. Murphy

An over-sized vintage frame from a thrift shop, a wall with fancy wallpaper or a DIY backdrop cloth, and now you're models!

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Venture Out at Golden Hour

wright family sisters
Violet Short Photography

Try a "golden hour" shoot. The golden hour is the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light just before sunset. (Depending on the ages of your kids, we know everyone has too much energy at one time of the other!)

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Set Up a Sweet Storytime

Simply B Photos

Everyone loves a good book and soft bed—and every parent has both which makes this idea extremely simple. Just pile up the pillows and get in a cuddle puddle.

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Try a Silhouette Shot

shadow silhouette of man holding two children
Jude Beck/Unsplash

Cool. Modern. Classy. I give you, the silhouette shot. Despite how professional it looks, your iPhone camera and just the right sunset is actually all you need.

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Take an Action Selfie

Monique Pinkney
Monique Pinkney

Best way to get the biggest, most beautiful smiles? Take an "action selfie" of the whole family enjoying a fun activity. Think boat rides, hay rides, or even just a ride down the slide at the playground.

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Head to the (Concrete) Jungle

jane goodrich newborn and family photographer
Jane Goodrich Photography

Swing into downtown or the nearest city to your neighborhood, find a cool background, and let the art make your portraits pop.

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Capture the (Perfectly) Imperfect

Father holding newborn
Kirsty Grant Photography

If you do hire a professional, don't forget to ask for all outtakes as well as the shots where everyone is smiling. Those candid moments can sometimes be the most precious to look back at and remember.

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