Best Photo Gifts for You

CuteKid Creations Photo Charm Bracelet
We scoured the Internet to find affordable, fun photo gift options that anyone would appreciate receiving.

Stickygram Magnets

Price: Starting at $14.99 per sheet of 9 photos
The creators of Instagram bring you Stickygrams, a neat way to turn all those photo works of art into something you can gaze at every day. All you have to do is connect the website with your Instagram account, choose the images you want to use, and order them. Bam! Stickygrams will send you personalized magnets using your own favorite photos.

Snapfish Personalized Playing Cards

Price: $19.99
Imagine how much more fun it would be to play Go Fish with a pack of playing cards made up of photos of your family! Snapfish makes it easy to gift that pleasure to someone else. Just visit the site, upload the photos you'd like to use, and order the deck.

Pinhole Press Weekly Notepad

Price: $14.99
The photo weekly notepad would make a wonderful gift for those who still enjoy keeping paper notes. This Pinhole Press product lets you pick two photos -- one for the notebook cover and one to use on the inner weekly pages -- and voil?! Planning weekly schedules just got a whole lot more enjoyable.

Personalization Mall Photo Skin for Cell Phones

Price: $14.95
With a selection of 23 cell phone model templates to choose from, every mom friend on your list could get a personalized Cell Phone Design-A-Skin from Personalization Mall.

Photo Collage Wall Art

Price: Varies
We love what blogger of Life as a Thrifter created for her soon-to-be-married friends, and think the idea could translate nicely into a gift for fellow parent friends as well. Using a few items (plywood, photos, Mod Podge, etc.), she created a gorgeous photo montage of the couple that anyone would be happy to hang in her home. If the gift is for an anniversary, the number could be the years they're celebrating; for a birthday, it could be the age.

Shutterfly Mouse Pads

Price: $5
Perfect for the person in your life who lives by his or her computer, personalized photo mouse pads from Shutterfly allow you to pick up to eight photos, available in either landscape or portrait orientation.

Bryan McCay
Bryan McCay

Photo Memory Jar

Price: Varies
If you'd prefer to go the DIY route, creating a photo memory jar can be a nice way to help commemorate favorite moments using photos and mementos. Grab a small- to medium-size jar (depending on how much you'd like to put in it). Then determine your motif. Do you want to commemorate that fabulous vacation you took with your best friend's family? Print a photo or two from the trip and add it to the jar, along with any other items you might be willing to part with from the vacay -- like shells you collected, a souvenir key ring from the gift shop, or some sand, which you could pick up at a local crafts store.

Shutterfly Puzzle

Price: $24.99
Turn any happy family memory into a family activity by turning it into a puzzle. Simply upload the photo of your choice on Shutterfly to be made into a 252-piece puzzle. Afterward, the puzzle could be framed, making into a two-for-one gift -- our favorite kind.

Snapfish Photo Stamps

Price: $21 per sheet of 20
Pretty and practical, personalized photo stamps add a nice touch to any letters or invitations.

CuteKid Creations Photo Charm Bracelet

Price: $19.99
CuteKid Creations lets you pick up to eight charms to include on a silver plate charm bracelet. What mom wouldn?t love that gift?

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