10 Best Photo Apps for Parents

Download any of these parent-approved photo apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to instantly feel like a professional photographer.

With all of the fantastic photo apps available, there's simply no excuse not to be snapping away at your kid multiple times a day. The only hitch is deciding which apps are the best and easiest to use. Download any of these 10 parent-approved photo apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to instantly feel like a professional photographer.

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BackThen Family & Baby Photos

Lifecake App

BackThen was created by the makers of the Lifecake Family Photos app. This updated version allows parents to document exciting milestones in pregnancy, baby, and childhood. You can create simple-to-use archives and albums that you can share with friends and family. The perk of this app is that it magically organizes photos for you. (Free, iOS and Android)

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Flic App

If you're a master photographer when it comes to taking photos of your kids, you must be a master at deleting some of them. Let's face it: Not every photo you take will be a keeper. Flic makes it super simple to delete photos and clear up valuable storage on your phone. All you have to do is open the app, scroll through your camera roll, and swipe left to trash it or swipe right to keep it. Pure and simple. (Free, iOS)

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Camera+ Legacy

Camera + app

With tons of easy-to-use features, the Camera+ Legacy app is an excellent way to up the ante on your iPhone camera. Some options include touch exposure and focus, a grid to help guide straight photos, 6x zoom with advanced digital processing, and, perhaps our favorite, burst, which helps make rapid motion photos possible. ($4.99, iOS)

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If editing's not your thing, Snapseed can help you turn any photo into a work of art with minimal effort. Expert editing guidelines like straightening, tuning, cropping, and adjusting are all made easy with a few taps. (Free, iOS and Android)

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First Camera

First Camera app

Let's be honest: Our kids probably use our smartphones just as much as (if not more than) we do. That's why we love the First Camera app. With First Camera, your kid can take photo after photo, and everything will be saved to the app rather than to your camera roll.

Plus, your budding photographer can pick from tons of filters and stickers to make their photos even more fun. You won't have to worry about your child accidentally deleting precious photos of yours or clogging up your camera roll with shots of the family dog. (Free, iOS)

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Tapestry offers a wonderful photo-sharing alternative to posting all your fabulous baby photos on Facebook, creating certain groups to access them, or creating Shutterfly albums that you have to email later.

Use this app to create photo albums of what's happening right now, and then "beam" those slideshows on the spot to other Android users who are with you. Bam—instant photo access, with no emailing necessary. (Free, Android)

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Fast Burst Camera

Fast Burst Camera app

If you have a soccer player, a dancer, or a kid who loves to run around (who doesn't?), the Fast Burst Camera app will help you take spot-on photos of her every move. The fastest camera app available for Android, it takes up to 30 photos per second. ($3.72, Android)

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Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX app

Camera ZOOM FX is a filter-lover's dream. You could spend hours playing with your photos on this app if you crave special effects, color filters, borders, and distortions.

The cool thing about the Camera ZOOM FX app is that it allows you to upload any of your previously taken photos and add any filters to them that you like. We also like the free, downloadable add-ons like frames and the ability to add famous "buddies" to photos. ($4.99, Android)

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Panorama 360: The Big Picture

360 phone app

It's the Photosynth of Android phones. You'll take perfect panoramic photos every time. This app is perfect for taking on family outings, sports events, and vacations to capture 360-degree panoramic images of all your adventures. (Free, iOS and Android)

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PhotoSync app

We're all for anything that makes our lives just a little bit easier. Use PhotoSync to wirelessly transfer photos between your iPhone, iPad, and computer. We love the simplicity. (Free, iOS and Android)

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