Now that digital cameras are affordable for all, it's a great time to introduce your child to photography and explore how he sees things. Learn the basics of photography like framing up the shot and focus, then try special effects to create a unique and artistic image.

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10 Family Photo Ideas to That Are Easy as They Are Fun

Don’t equate fun with getting your whole family ready for a pricey, time-consuming, stressful photoshoot? Of course not. Hiring a photographer, buying matching outfits (?), and making sure no one gets dirty, sneezy, sleepy, or in your infants’ case, poopy is daunting enough to make any parent shutter. But family photo shoots can be simple, even down-right enjoyable. These ideas are as unique as your family—and you don’t need to be a pro photographer, tech genius, or high fashion model to pull them off.

I'm a Mom and a Photographer: Here's How to Take the Best Photos of Your Kids

Capturing beautiful family moments is easier than ever before. Photographer Erin Brooks shares her tips to take the best photos of your children.

Newborn Photo Shoots: Safety Do's & Don'ts Every Parent Should Know

Photos of sleepy newborns with whimsical backdrops are all over social media, but experts warn parents not to attempt these set-ups at home. Here's what you need to know to keep your L.O. safe during a newborn photo shoot.

5 Photo Album Apps for Every Type of Mom

These apps can sync with your social media account, print your pictures and the bind them into a cute photo book so you can cherish them forever.

Teen Turns Little Brother Into the 'It' Horror Movie Clown, Goes Viral

Is it Halloween already? Because this teen just went viral for taking some truly creep-tastic pictures of his little brother. 

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Dressing your kids in watermelon is apparently the hottest trend of Summer '17. And since today's National Watermelon Day—well, you know what to do.

5 Tips to Make This the Year You Organize Your Baby Photos

It's an amazing feeling when you realize that 'organize baby photos' has lost its permanent spot on that seemingly endless to-do list in your mind.

How to Protect Your Kid's Photos Online

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