7 Simple Paper Mache Craft Ideas for Kids

From masks to flowers, piggy banks to piñatas, these fun paper mache crafts for kids will keep them engaged and help them get in touch with their inner artist.

The Spruce Paper Mache Bowls
Photo: The Spruce

Parents everywhere are turning to crafting as a way to keep kids occupied and fostering their creativity while staying home this spring. If you're looking for a new material that can easily be turned into a wide variety of cool crafts, look no further than paper mache. It all starts with a simple recipe for paper mache paste which you most likely have everything needed to whip it up—just water, flour, and a whisk! You'll then use your lovely, glue-like paste to make creations out of newspaper that are easy to paint—everything from flowers to fruit bowls, puppets to sculptures. Here are a few of our favorite paper mache craft ideas to get you started.

Colorful Paper Mache Bowls

The Spruce has a cute tutorial for bright and cheerful paper mache bowls (pictured above!) that take 30 minutes to make (and 24 hours to dry). All kids will need is a glass bowl, newspaper, water, flour, aluminum foil, acrylic paint, scissors, and paintbrushes.

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Paper Mache Piñata

Score both a fun crafternoon and a rowdy family activity by letting kids create a traditional piñata from paper mache. Check out KiwiCo's cute tutorial for a radiant sunshine piñata or their adorable owl piñata option. Once your creation has dried, fill it with the candy or prizes of your choice, then get to smashing, of course!

paper mache sculptures

Paper Mache Sculptures

Paper mache can be used to create a sculpture of just about anything. Check out this tutorial for paper mache sculpture hearts, which can be used as paperweights.

Paper Mache Earth

Have a grade schooler learning geography at home? We love this paper mache Earth craft that you can then decorate with cut-out continents together. Check out this how-to from Reema of the blog Raising Shanaya.

Paper Mache Masks

STARTOON shows kids how to create their very own paper mache mask with a popped balloon in tutorial. Children can paint their masks however they like, transforming into anything from a bee to a superhero.

Paper Mache Piggy Banks

Spending time on a craft that can be used to urge kids to save their pennies is a win-win. Enter these cute paper mache piggy bank craft dreamed up by the DIY Crafts channel on YouTube. Or try this spare change bowl from Jay Wilde.

Paper Mache Fruits and Veggies

Whether you want to create long-lasting pumpkins to decorate with come fall, or cute strawberries to put on display all summer, check out this simple paper mache how-to from Not Just a Housewife that'll show you how to easily make the produce of your choice.

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