Paper Cup Horse

Try this fun craft made from simple household supplies. Then say, Giddyup


-Hi, my name is Eva. We're gonna have fun with this next project because we got a horse around with the brown and yellow horse. In this project, you will need these supplies: glue, yellow paint, brown fringe, scissors, brown felt, paint brushes, small brown pompoms, toilet paper too, popsicle sticks, and a Dixie Cap. To begin our brown and yellow horse, you going to start with your plain Dixie Cap, and we're going to pain this yellow. If your child would like to change the color of the horse that's just fine, but today we choose yellow and brown, and now parents, you hold the cap while your child paints the outside and you can also wear a glove to protect your hand from the paint. Now that you cup is drying, you're going to take your toilet paper roll and scissors, and you can tell your kids you can make a line or just tell them right where you would like them to make 2 slits. and we all wanna go in about half an inch and I'm making them about an in inch apart, and you're going to do the same on the other side trying to match the same little slits. Now, what we're going to do is cover it with yellow popsicle sticks. You can purchase your popsicle sticks already yellow or you can paint them as we did. And you're going to do is glue then along the sides, just apply some tacky glue, but make note of where your slits are for the lets, so we don't cover that. I'm gonna start my first one right next to it, so I can mark where the slits are. Now, I'm going to apply 2 popsicle sticks in between the little space between the 2 legs. Now, while this dries, just set it aside, and we're going to cut out our little ears for the top of our horse. So, grab your brown felt, and we're just gonna take some scissors and I'm gonna cut just a descent size little rounded triangle. So, you can make them pointy if you want or the kids can kind of cut up on little shape out of them. Now, that your body is dry, we're going to add the legs. You're going to add your legs in the little slits that you made on each side and now that the legs are on, you an attach the head. This is its little nose, so you want it facing out. So just gonna put a little dot of Tacky glue here. Now, that we have the body in the head and-- Now, that we have it all connected, we to add a little details to the face. So, we're going to apply 2 little pompoms for the eye, and you just need little dots of Tacky glue, stick your pompoms right wherever they want them they put them. You can have any eyes that you like, and now we need 2 years, so we're just gonna put a little bit of glue and again you can bend your felt. It might stick straight up or you can put it against the back. Now, we're going to make the main and the tails using our brown fringe. So, I take a little bit and I kind of cut it. Add a little bit of glue to the top and a little down on this back, and then for the tail, we're gonna do pretty much the same thing. Just kind of grab a little gob here, and there you have it, you've been horsing around with your cute yellow and brown horse.

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