Creative Ways to Update Kids' Clothes: How to Sew a Monster Patch on Jeans

Holey Monsters
Credit: Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

Salvage those jeans!

You will need:

Jeans with a torn spot

Sturdy, solid-colored cotton fabric (we used canvas)

White felt

Black permanent marker

Black and red embroidery floss

Heavy-duty embroidery needle

Straight pins

1. Trim the hole to make a mouth shape and to remove any fraying.

2. Cut a piece of the cotton fabric large enough to fit the hole with a 1-inch margin all around. From the felt, cut eyes and a row of teeth that's 1 inch wider than the hole.

Step 3
Credit: Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

3. With the marker, draw a pupil on one felt eye. Knot a length of black floss, then insert your hand through the hole and sew the eye to the jeans by whipstitching around the edge. Trim and knot the floss inside the jeans. Stitch an X in the center of the second eye, then whipstitch the eye to the jeans.

Step 4
Credit: Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

4. Center the cotton fabric and felt teeth behind the hole and pin the layers to secure them.

5. With a knotted length of red floss, whipstitch around the edge of the mouth through all the layers.

Originally published in the April 2013 issue of FamilyFun

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