Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Kids and their feathered friends will love this adorable homemade bird feeder.


-Hi. My name is Eva. And today, we're making a milk carton bird feeder. In order to make this project, you'll need these supplies: Empty milk carton, paint brush, sticks, stickers of your choice, a hole punch, glue, paint, bird seed, and a utility knife. To begin our milk carton bird feeder, first start with your milk carton. We're going to lay it on 1 side. Take an X-ACTO knife, and parents, please make sure you're the ones doing the cutting. We're just going to X-ACTO knife this and you can draw your shape first, but I'm just gonna kind of eyeball it. And I'm just gonna draw a small line down and then an arch. And you can always go back and fix it, clean it up a bit. Make sure it's big enough to let bigger birds come in and enjoy some of the food. Okay, once you have your- Get the heck of this. Once you have an idea of where you want it, you can go back and clean up any edges. Now that we're done cutting a hole out, we're gonna use our hole puncher to make a tiny little hole so we can make a little stand for our birds, which we'll put in later. So, we're just gonna go down, eyeball it a little bit, and cut a nice little hole there so we can put a twig through like that. So, we'll do that a little bit later once we're done painting it. Okay, now you can use any color that the kids want. They can paint a rainbow. They can paint with polka dots, anything that they want. They can get as creative as they like. That's the fun part. And we're just going to coat this whole thing with pain. Now, for milk cartons, because they have a coating on them, you can add different colors to it to cover it up. You can start with maybe like an orange or red and then as it gets thicker and thicker with color, you can add a lighter color so it stands out, but sometimes you have to add several layers in order to not see the milk carton anymore. Now once your carton is dry, we're going to start with some designs on it. So, I chose some stickers that I really like and I'm just gonna place them all over. Okay. Now once we have our stickers on, we're going to add our roof. So, we're gonna use cute little twigs that maybe you and your kids go out and search for. I know that they love doing that so that's a lot of fun and it adds its own little personality with each unique twig and you can use your hands to break them apart or you can use pruning shears, but please parents make sure you're the ones doing the pruning shears. Okay and to apply, you can use a hot glue, but today, I'm using my Tacky glue. And now that you have the top all covered with sticks, we're going to add the bird seed to the front. So you can just take your hand or you can dump a little bit in. And the last thing we're gonna add is a little sitting post for the birds. So, we're just gonna find a thicker stick to put inside and make sure it's in there nice and tight so that when your bird comes along, he has a place to sit and watch the world. And there you have your milk carton bird feeder.

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