Make an Apple Cozy

It can be a bruising ride to school in a kid's lunch box. Protect fruit from dirt and dings with a fleece pouch.

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For the apple, you will need:

Apple Cozy
Photo by Ed Judice, Idea By Tova Opatrny

9-inch diameter plate

1/4 yard of red fleece fabric


1/16-inch hole punch (optional)

Green felt

Green embroidery floss

Large sewing needle

Elastic cord

Safety pin

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Step 1

Fleece circle
Ed Judice

Lay the plate on the fleece and trace around it with a marker. Cut out the circle. Punch an even number of holes (our cozy has 50) around the edge of the fleece circle, about a half-inch from the edge and a half-inch apart. If you don't have a small punch, make tiny snips with scissors instead.

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Step 2

Felt Leaf
Ed Judice

Cut a leaf shape from the green felt. With the embroidery floss and needle, sew a simple running stitch down the center of the leaf from one end to the other. Sew back up the line to where you started, filling in the spaces left in the original stitch line.

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Step 3

Sew Felt Leaf
Ed Judice

Sew the top of the leaf near the edge of the circle.

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Step 4

weave cord
Ed Judice

Cut a 10-inch length of elastic cord. Safety-pin one end to the fleece to anchor it. Starting from the inside, weave the cord in and out of the holes all the way around the circle.

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Step 5

make pouch
Ed Judice

Tighten the elastic so that the opening is snug enough to hold an apple but has enough slack to let you remove it. Tie the ends together, trim the extra, and tuck the knot inside the cozy.

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Take It Further

cat cozy
Ed Judice

Make our cat cozy by sewing rounded triangle ears to the circle as shown. As you sew, put a small fold in the base of each ear. Add button eyes and whiskers with brown thread and a nose with pink embroidery floss.

Originally published in the September 2012 issue of FamilyFun magazine.

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