Make a Thought Bubble T-Shirt

Repurpose an old t-shirt into an adorable statement piece, complete with a customizable thought bubble for your child to express himself!

Transform a Tee Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

What's on your child's mind today? Now he can tell the world about it -- wordlessly! -- with this witty statement piece. The pocket is perfect for displaying a picture, a patch, or a trinket.

You will need:
Freezer paper
Craft knife (adults only) or scissors
White fabric paint
Foam brush
White embroidery thread
Sharp embroidery needle
3- by 3-inch square of vinyl (available at fabric or hardware stores)

1. Draw a thought bubble on the non-shiny side of the freezer paper (find our template at familyfunmag. com). Cut out the shapes.

2. Lay the stencil, shiny side down, on the shirt. Place a sheet of freezer paper, shiny side up, inside the shirt. With the iron on the cotton setting, press and lift (rather than use sweeping strokes) to adhere the paper to the fabric. shapes.

    Step 3 Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

    3. Apply the paint with the brush, always stroking toward the center so that the paint doesn't seep under the stencil. Let the paint dry as directed on the package, then apply another coat if necessary and let it dry.

      Step 4 Photograph by Alexandra Grablewski

      4. With a knotted length of thread, sew on the vinyl, using a running stitch around the sides and bottom.

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          Originally published in the April 2013 issue of FamilyFun