Magnetic Dragonfly Clip

Display your child'€™s artwork in style by creating this cute magnetic dragonfly clip to hang on your fridge.


-Hi, I'm Eva. Thanks so much for stopping by. Today, we're making magnetic dragonflies. In order to do this project, you will need these supplies: glue, glitter glue, paint, paint brushes, mini popsicle sticks, sticky back magnets, googly eyes, and clothespins. To begin our dragonfly, we're going to start painting the body. So, you're gonna grab your clothespin and have your child pick out any color that they like. I pick out 2, so I can make a little design and what you're going to do is just paint the flat color first and you can keep it one solid color or you can do several designs on it once it's dry. After you've painted the sides and the top, you're going to set it down to dry on the bottom. Next, we're going to paint our wings, so what you're going to do is take your 2 popsicle sticks and I'm using a glitter glue pen, but you can use anything that you like. You can do glue with some glitter than damp on top of it or you can make some designs with markers or you can even use stickers if you like. Now, that our clothespin is dry, we're going to pain some little designs on it. I'm gonna take a little bit of my silver. I'm just gonna make some lines, and again allow it dry. So, now that they are dry, I'm going to take my clothespin body and I'm gonna glue my wings on in X shape. So, you're just gonna take your tacky glue, then we need to add our 2 googly eyes. I have 2 pretty purple eyes. This gonna look so cute when it's all done. And the last thing we need to do is to adhere our magnetic strip. Now, some of the strips are already sticky that you can buy, but you need to kind of reinforce them with some glue. So, you can take a hot glue, but today we're gonna use just some tacky glue to the back of the magnetic strip and we're just gonna set it right on little tummy here, and you can hold it for a couple of seconds. You can also use hot glue, but if you do, I suggest the parent help and do the hot glue. And there you have an adorable magnetic dragonfly.

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