Magazine Flowers

Help the kids make a beautiful spring bouquet with old magazines from your recycling bin.


-Hi, my name is Eva, and thank you so much for joining. Today, we're making magazine flowers and in order to make these magazine flowers, you need these materials: a pencil scissors, a hole punch, buttons, green pipe cleaner, a ruler, and glossy magazines. To begin your magazine flower, you need to rip our favorite page out of your magazine. Now, I picked a page that was really full of color on and had just cute little details on it, so you can pick out something you like, but different colors are gonna pop as it's folded into the different petals, so I like my little cup cakes and ice cream. So, what you're going to do is take a ruler, and you're gonna measure your strips. Now, the strips can be the entire length of the page, but the width needs to be between half an inch to an inch. And I like to kind of be consistent with my strips and keep them all the same width. So, I'm just gonna go along, and I'm just gonna take a pencil and measure half an inch. You probably need about for half an inch, I would do about 8 pieces, but you can do more and you can do less, but the thicker your pieces are, the less you will need probably about 4 or 5 strips if they are about an inch wide. So, I'm just gonna finish up here. Now, I'm going to cut straight lines and just draw straight line down. Okay, now we're gonna cut right down our lines. If you have a cutting board, it will go a little bit faster, but you like to do it the old fashion way and be a real crafter, you can do it just with some scissors. Now that you have your strips, we're going to start punching some holes through them. So, what you need to do is take your ruler, line it up, and we're going to find the center, and this says, it's about 10-1/2 inches long, so at about 5-1/2, just about there. You can kind of guess, figure it out, 5-1/4, and then you need to go half an inch in from the edges. So, we're just gonna make mark at half, and make another mark at half, and what I like to do to speed up the process a little bit, I just keep that piece and just bring my other piece next to it so, it's already marked for me and I don't need to find it on the ruler. Once you have all your dots, you're going to take your hole punch and you're gonna punch holes and all the paper right in the middle. Now that you have all your holes punched out, you're going to take your pipe cleaner any color you like. I'm just gonna use my dark green here, and what you're going to do is start feeding them onto the pipe cleaner. So, you wanna pick which side you want displayed and you're going to fold underneath so that your petals are sticking out in the back where your tube pieces on the end are you're going to feed that through first. Now, in order to keep the strips from falling off, we're going to take a button and put it over the pipe cleaner and see the pipe cleaner through it so that it stays on the end. So, you're gonna pick any color that you like. I'm gonna go with a little red to make pink pop and we're gonna put through one hole. You can use any size button and any shape button cause now they make heart buttons and star buttons and then we're fit it back through and just pull your button to the top and then if you can fit back to the hole that works really good and you just press your papers back up over it, and there you have your beautiful magazine flower, which you can add to a bundle of flowers to make a beautiful bouquet.

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