There are a lot of fun projects you can do with yarn. Kids can wrap it, twist it, tie it, as well as crochet and knit with it.
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Try these three projects for starters. The first craft is for children ages 5 to 8; no knitting experience is required.

Project #1: Pencil Toppers (courtesy of the Craft Yarn Council of America*)These tassel animals can also be used to decorate backpacks and gifts.

For Frog

1 skein green acrylic yarn

2 1" green pom-poms

2 15-mm wiggle eyes

Contrasting yarn for necktie

1 red chenille stem



Tape measure


  1. Make the body following the general instructions given below. Glue two green pom-poms near the top of head; glue a wiggle eye to each pom-pom; cut a 2" piece of red chenille stem, curve it, and glue to frog's face so it has a big smile. Finish according to general instructions.

For Dog

What You'll Need:

1 skein brown acrylic yarn

2 8-mm wiggle eyes

1 1/2" beige pom-pom

1 1/4" black pom-pom

1 4"-square dark brown felt

Scrap of red felt

Contrasting yarn for necktie



Tape measure



Make the body following the general instructions given below. Cut out the dog ears (3/4" by 1 3/4") and tongue (1/4" by 1/4") from the felt (see pattern illustration). Glue the 1/2" pom-pom to head for muzzle. Glue the black pom-pom to center of muzzle. Glue the wiggle eyes to head just above muzzle. Glue the tongue about 1/4" below nose. Glue straight ends of ears to top of head, and finish according to general instructions.

dog knit

General Instructions for head and body (see illustration)

Cut a 6" square from firm cardboard. Pull yarn free from the center of skein, and wrap 50 times around cardboard in one direction. Cut off. Slide yarn off the cardboard square carefully. Gather bundle and tie together close to one end. Cut through fold at opposite end. Now flip the fringed end of the yarn so that it covers the tied ends. Tie about 1" to 2" from top of yarn, hiding tied ends and forming head. Don't tie too tight as the pencil will need to be pushed up through the neck. Cut pattern pieces from appropriate colors.


*For more fun ideas, free projects, and tips, visit the Craft Yarn Council of America's Web sites: and

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The following projects are for kids ages 8 to 14 who know how to knit or have a parent who does.

Project #2: Open Petal Posy (courtesy of Leisure Arts*)

Pin, glue, or sew these colorful posies on hats, bookbags, jackets, purses, shoes, scarves, or photo albums. Stitch or string the posies together to use as a colorful lampshade trim, or glue them to magnets for a special touch on the family fridge.

What You'll Need:

Worsted-weight acrylic yarn: 7 yds (6.5 m) for each posy

Straight knitting needles, size 8 (5 mm)

Yarn needle

Hint: Have some scrap pieces of yarn or paper clips ready to use as markers. Loop these around the stitches we suggest so that later you'll know which stitches to sew through to form the petals of your posy.

Cast on 81 stitches.

Step 1: Bind off your first stitch, and place a marker (see Fig. 8).

figure 8 image

Step 2: Bind off the next 16 stitches, and place another marker. Continue binding off 16 stitches and placing markers until there are 15 stitches remaining on the left needle, then bind off the remaining stitches. Leaving an arm's length of yarn for sewing, cut the working yarn.

Step 3: Thread a yarn needle with the long end. Fold the strip like a fan so that all the marked stitches are together (see Fig. 9a). Insert the needle in the first marked stitch and weave it and the yarn through each marked stitch and through the last bound-off stitch (see Fig. 9b). Pull the yarn up tightly. Remove the markers. Knot the yarn ends together, and cut the yarn close to the project.

fig9a image
figure 9b

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Project #3: Scarf (courtesy of Leisure Arts*)

Imagine your friends' amazement when you show up at the ballgame wearing a scarf in your school colors! Or you can make extra scarves to donate to charities that collect warm clothing for needy children.

What You'll Need:

Worsted-weight yarn: 5 oz., 300 yds (140 g, 274.5 m)

Straight knitting needles, size 8 (5 mm)

Yarn needle

Cast on 33 stitches.

Rows 1-3

Knit each stitch across the row: You'll have 33 stitches.

Row 4Step 1: Knit 3.Step 2: Bring the yarn forward between the needles and back over the top of the right needle so that it's in position to knit the next stitch (see Fig. 18). You've just made your first yarn over.

figure 18

Step 3: Knit 2 stitches together, knit 3, * yarn over, knit 2 stitches together, knit 3; repeat from * across: You'll still have 33 stitches.

Hint: On the row following a yarn over, be careful to keep the yarn over on the needle and treat it like a stitch by knitting or purling it as instructed.

Row 5Step 1: Knit 4.Step 2: Knit the yarn over in the same way as you'd knit a stitch (see Figs. 19a & b).

figure 19a
figure 19b

Step 3: Knit each stitch across the rest of the row: You should still have 33 stitches and should continue to have 33 stitches through the entire scarf.

Rows 6 and 7

Knit each stitch across the row.

Row 12

Knit 3, * yarn over, knit 2 stitches together, knit 3; repeat from * across.

Rows 9-11

Knit each stitch across the row.

Row 12

Knit 3, * yarn over, knit 2 stitches together, knit 3; repeat from * across.

Rows 13-15

Knit each stitch across the row.

Repeat rows 8-15 until your scarf is about 45" (114 cm) long.

Bind off all stitches in knit.

Weave in the yarn ends.

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