Wine Cork Crafts for Kids, Because We Know You Have Them on Hand

These wine cork craft ideas not only give the stoppers you have lying around a new lease on life, but they'll also keep kids busy and bolster their creativity.

The spruce wine cork planters
Photo: The Spruce

With a pandemic-fueled quarantine and the springtime holidays falling at the same time, it's no wonder wine drinking is up. If you're enjoying some of your social distancing time taste testing New Zealand whites and experimenting with new bubbly roses, you're in good company. According to Nielsen figures, for the week ending March 14, liquor and grocery stores saw sales of wine up nearly 28 percent.

Thankfully, you can avoid buying new art supplies, offer up an engaging activity for stir-crazy kids, and give all those wine corks a second life with any one of these cute DIY wine cork crafts.

Mini Cork Planters

Work with your kids on this multitasking, adorable craft from The Spruce: planter magnets. (Pictured above!) Stick them on the fridge or any metal surface to add a little green to any room in your home that needs it, advises Mélanie Berliet, General Manager of The Spruce.

You'll just need wine corks, soil, succulents, a glue gun, magnets, a drill, and a spray bottle with water. Here's how to make them:

  1. Use a hot glue gun to attach magnets to the corks. Let them dry overnight.
  2. Once they've had at least 24 hours to dry, drill a single hole in the tops of each cork, stopping about halfway down. Make the hole as wide as you can without ruining the cork edge.
  3. Fill the hole partially with soil, then place the succulent into the hole.
  4. Fill the remainder of space with soil, being sure to cover the roots.
  5. Spray the soil and cork slightly with water. This will help secure the succulent into place. Water as needed to nourish your little plant.

Wine Cork Plant Identifiers

Another simple craft that will foster your child's green thumb, these plant identifiers from The Spruce require three items: wine corks, a marker, a skewer or toothpick. Use a marker to write the name of your plant on a cork, then stick a toothpick or skewer into each cork, and stick the other end into your plant pot to identify it.

Cork People

Kids will crack up as they create their own unique characters with items like googly eyes, markers, paint, thread, acrylic jewels, and pipe cleaners—or other crafting items you have in the house! Check out a fun tutorial on Craft Project Ideas.

Craft Project Ideas cork train
Craft Project Ideas

Wine Cork Train Craft

Thomas & Friends fans will love building Craft Project Ideas' wine cork train—with button wheels that actually move! You can also build a train track out of craft sticks.

Wine Cork Reindeer

Christmas might be months away, but to keep spirits up, some local radio stations are playing Christmas carols, Hallmark is playing Christmas movies, and people are stringing Christmas lights back up. So what better time to prep for Christmas 2020's holiday decor than by working on a cute Christmas craft? Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina offers up this easy tutorial for wine cork reindeers made from corks and twigs.

Wine Cork Birdhouse

Design this welcoming birdhouse from Crafty House with your kids, setting up a whole new activity that'll last all spring: spying all the brightly colored birds that flock to your yard to check it out.

giraffe wine corks
Craft Project Ideas

Wine Cork Giraffe

Kids who are dreaming of a trip to the zoo will love creating one of the most majestic animals on a safari: this wine cork giraffe from Craft Project Ideas. You can add more corks to his neck to make him very tall, or use fewer to have a mini giraffe.

Wine Cork Sail Boats

Mini pirates will be gleeful about constructing these simple, adorable cork sail boats from One Little Project. Not only are they easy to make, but they actually float in water.

Craft Project IDeas
Craft Project Ideas

Wine Cork Stamp Art

While the corks don't feature in the final result, they're integral to creating four season-inspired art. Print out this template from Craft Project Ideas, and let kids dip corks in paint to create springtime, summertime, fall, and winter-themed trees.

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