Turn Artwork into Keepsakes

Turn your kids' artwork into keepsakes that can be displayed and enjoyed at home or work.

1. Create note cards by making color copies of your child's drawings on card stock.

2. Print or copy pictures onto magnetized sheets to use as refrigerator magnets or onto sticker sheets for kids to decorate cards, notebooks, and wrapping paper.

3. Color-copy favorite pieces and use them to decoupage a wooden tray, box, or bedroom wastebasket. (School-age kids will love this project as a gift for grandparents.)

4. Scan the art into your computer to create a heartwarming screen saver.

5. Display drawings on mouse pads, playing cards, calendars, puzzles, and coffee mugs. Catalogs and Web sites such as Exposures and www.snapfish.com and many local photo stores and copy shops can help you do this. Artworks can also be printed or copied onto iron-on fabric transfer sheets to adorn tote bags, T-shirts, aprons, throw pillows, or quilt squares.

6. Have original drawings or color copies laminated to use as place mats or coasters. You can do this with a craft machine such as the Xyron (available from www.marthastewart.com) or at a local copy shop. For lovely padded place mats, interior designer Lyn Peterson, president of Motif Designs in New Rochelle, NY, recommends Custom Laminations Inc. in Paterson, NJ (www.customlaminations.com), which made holiday place mats from her children's artworks.

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