Now, your little ones can create the most magical-looking Easter eggs you've ever seen.


Easter is almost here, which means it's time to start thinking about all the pretty, cool ways you and your L.O. can dye a bevy of hard-boiled eggs. And being that it is 2018—which might as well be the Year of the Unicornof course there's a Unicorn Egg Dye Kit on the market that looks downright irresistible. Who wouldn't want their Easter eggs to have metallic hues, stick-on eyes, and adorable little horns that allow them to resemble the mythical creature we just cannot get enough of?

Created by Etsy seller MeadowlarkBluebird, the Unicorn Easter Egg DIY Kit retails for $10.95 and up and includes everything you need to decorate three eggs. You get your choice of white paper mache "eggs," metallic gold pastel "eggs," or choose 'no eggs' and use the materials to decorate eggs of your own! (Materials can be used on real eggs.) The kit also comes with three gold unicorn horns, paper flower decorations, three sets of stick-on eyes, and adhesive dots.

Unicorn eggs
Credit: MeadowlarkBluebird/Etsy

Seems like even kids who aren't completely fascinated by unicorns could find a lot to love about this whimsically-detailed kit! Must. Have.