Learn how to make silly sock puppets.

By Crafts by Jocelyn Worrall, Photographs by Trevor Dixon, Styled by Helen Quinn
September 17, 2012
Trevor Dixon

What you'll need Assorted socks, rubber bands, cotton batting, glove (optional), craft glue, scissors, red cardstock, white craft foam, black and yellow pom-poms

Make it:

1. Head: Stuff sock tip with cotton batting. Tie a rubber band around the sock toe 2" from tip, just below the batting. Stuff and stretch another sock or glove (trim as necessary) over the first sock to resemble a hat; glue in place.

2. Mouth: Cut a circle from red cardstock, crease in half, and glue in place over pushed-in heel of sock.

3. Eyes: Cut 2 circles from white craft foam, glue a black pom-pom to each, and glue in place as eyes.

4. Glue on yellow pom-pom as nose.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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