Learn how to make silly sock puppets.

Sock Puppets
Credit: Trevor Dixon

What you'll need Assorted socks, rubber bands, cotton batting, glove (optional), craft glue, scissors, red cardstock, white craft foam, black and yellow pom-poms

Make it:

1. Head: Stuff sock tip with cotton batting. Tie a rubber band around the sock toe 2" from tip, just below the batting. Stuff and stretch another sock or glove (trim as necessary) over the first sock to resemble a hat; glue in place.

2. Mouth: Cut a circle from red cardstock, crease in half, and glue in place over pushed-in heel of sock.

3. Eyes: Cut 2 circles from white craft foam, glue a black pom-pom to each, and glue in place as eyes.

4. Glue on yellow pom-pom as nose.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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