Learn how to make a pretty princess marionette.

Princess Marionette
Credit: Trevor Dixon

What you'll need 4 toilet paper tubes, purple, pink and gold acrylic paint, scissors, hot glue, yarn, googly eyes, markers, hole punch, two 16-inch long sticks

Make it:

1. Paint 2 toilet-paper tubes purple, 1 tube pink, and half of the last tube gold.

2. Skirt: Cut 9 vertical slits in both purple tubes, leaving 1" uncut. Squeeze one purple tube inside the other, glue together, and then glue to pink tube.

3. Cut off gold section of tube and cut into a crown shape. Glue several 2"-long pieces of yellow yarn to inside of crown to create hair; leave a 1" space for face.

4. Cut a 11/2" segment from unpainted tube for the head; cut two hand shapes. Glue on eyes and draw on face.

5. Punch a hole on each side of pink tube and punch two holes in each hand. Thread a 10" length of pink yarn through holes in pink tube and bottom hole in each hand; knot.

6. Thread 2 18" lengths of green yarn through top holes in hands; knot.

7. Glue crown to top of the head. Glue head to the top of the pink tube.

8. Handle: Cross sticks at center and tie with yarn to secure. Tie ends of yarn to 2 opposite points of one stick.

Originally published in the November 2012 issue of Parents magazine.

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