Inexpensive, versatile, and comfortably fuzzy, pipe cleaners can be transformed into a host of last-minute costumes, like this princess disguise!
Royal Highness
Credit: Photo by Aaron Dyer

For the Royal Scepter

You will need: 11 metallic pipe cleanersWooden dowel (ours is 1/4-inch diameter and 13 inches long)Tacky glueMetallic pom-pom

1. For the ball, twist three pipe cleaners together at their centers, then spread the loose ends apart. Bend them up to form the ball shape shown and twist the ends together at the top.

2. Fold two pipe cleaners around the base of the ball, then hold them against the length of the dowel so the ball sits on top. Wrap the remaining pipe cleaners around the dowel to cover it and to secure the ball.

3. Glue a pom-pom to the center of the ball.

Royal Highness
Credit: Photo by Aaron Dyer

For the Fancy Crown

You will need:12 metallic pipe cleanersTacky glue 8 metallic pom-poms

1. For the base, you'll need two pairs of pipe cleaners. Twist the ends together to form an oval that fits your child's head.

2. At each of four equidistant points on the base, twist on the ends of two pipe cleaners, as shown below.

3. Bend each pipe cleaner into a loop, then twist the free end onto the base.

4. Glue a pom-pom to the base below each of the loops.

For the Signet Ring

You will need:Metallic pipe cleanerTacky glueMetallic pom-pom

Wrap a pipe cleaner loosely around a finger three times. Twist the ends together, and bend them into a flat circle. Glue a pom-pom onto the circle.

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